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Ao Oni by RileyTehRiolu


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March 27, 2011
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Ao Oni Part 3 (Mika's route part 1)
While Takeshi lead her through the winding corridor's Mika could simply not focus, the situation was unreal enough as it was, but now, two of her friends were missing, and a giant blue man was chasing her and her friend...
Mika felt dizzy as she entered yet another door,
She was alarmed when she heard it slam shut, obviously without Takeshi inside the room, but she was too weak and tired to remove herself from the bed.
Soon all she could hear was Footsteps on the floor above her.
Only then, did the sweet reprieve of sleep take her.

Her eyes fluttered open, only for a brief second, she was carefree, not at all all scared, ir worried, but it lasted less than a few seconds...
Pulling herself off the bed, she peered around.
There was a Couch and a small brown coffee table on the far left side of the room.
To the far right, there was a computer table and a chair, oddly pushed away from the desk, a bookshelf stood to its left.
"Hm?" Mika said as she noticed an odd bulge sticking out of the couch.
She approached the couch, poking it curiously.
After a few minutes, she began attempting to tear the fabric with her nails, but it was old, and very strong.
Soon after, she sat on the floor, with an audible bump.
"Come on!" Her frustration bubbled up the surface.
Looking over to the door, she realised why she was inside this room.
When chased her the Takeshi, Takeshi locked her inside the room to keep her safe
"Ok... lets think." She said.
"Hiroshi is off looking for the source of that noise...Takuro went upstairs...And...Takeshi ran off with..."
Mika began somewhat sweating.
"With...that blue monster behind him..."
She went to the door, and began attempting to open it; failure was the only thing she received.
"GGRRR!" She screamed in frustration!
Slamming her arm into the door, she attempted to ram it open, the way Takeshi and Takuro had done previously.
All the door did was silently laugh at her attempt. She wasn't as strong as either Takuro or Takeshi, let alone both of them...
Sitting , defeated on the bed, she gasped as she heard a *click coming from the black door.
She climbed over the bed, hiding over the other side.

She held in her gasps, pressing her hand to her mouth, as the intruder stepped inside

Ao Oni p3 Mika's route p1by sawftmoar

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Horror / Short Stories©2011-2015 sawftmoar
Ao Oni part 2

Part one of Mika's route

In this episode, Mika finds out where Takeshi put her, and rages

She Rages Hard....
Vampirkaetzchen Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
oh my gosh! o.o
this is absulutely amazing, can't wait for the next part!
sawftmoar Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
More on the way, very soon.
sawftmoar Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Kinda short, but i lacked much to put down

Now, onto Takuro...
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